Things I Loved This July

July 31st, 2011 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Playdates with cousins. If their mamas had the time and we all lived a bit closer I would beg them to have all my nieces come over every day, all day.

Getting MAIL! Poki waits around for the American Girl catalog and Abby waits for the Justice catalog. And of course when they get mail from their grandma in California, that results in squeals of excitement as well.

Having 3 beautiful, beautiful girls.

Having my baby still love me SO much. She was in a parade the day before we left for CA, and when she saw me on the sidelines waving at her she just LIT UP! I might have cried…what can I say, tears come really easily when they have to do with my kids.

Always having a sidekick of some kind.

Having our sweet Honey bunny be an important part of our family.

“Set-ups” all over the house, from Abby’s investigating set-ups to Poki’s play set-ups. It is a busy house.

Summer Camp at UMNH in downtown SLC. Abby chose to go to “Animal Detective Camp” and each morning during that week, she woke me up standing over my bed saying, “Time to get up. We have to go to summer camp!” This picture is Abby in her camp shirt with the mystery animal that she solved that day, made in puppet form.

Spending a lot of one-on-one time with Poki during Abby’s camp. We stayed downtown and had picnics under beautiful trees, went to the Capitol building, ate delicious pastries, went to the zoo, got pooped on by Shae at the art museum and did a LOT of shopping.

Summer highlights. Oh geez, that is a goofy grin!

Working on our “Summer Fun List.” This night we marked off “Going to the movies with our uncles.”

Abby losing her FIRST TOOTH! You know what the cute stinker told me? “My friends tell me that the toothfairy leaves $10 dollars AND bubblegum.” Oh you little trickster, you. No, she doesn’t.  Abby was happy with a dollar.

Finding Shae her perfect bedtime friends. I am really picky with finding the perfect bedtime cuddly friend for my babies. (Ask my sister in law who watched me walk through a whole store full of stuffed animals and say no, no, no.) I bought Cameron and Abby these dolls a couple of years ago but they never really clicked with them. But Shae loves them! What a perfect idea…have her be able to sleep with her “sisters” every night.

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