Things I Loved This Fall

November 7th, 2011 in About Me

The smell and giggles that come when running through a corn maze.

Babies wrapped up tight to keep warm.

The end of Farmer’s Markets; tomatoes, peaches, squash and apples.

Balloon party games outside.

Inviting Grandma over for over-the-top craft days.

After forgetting to bring a treat to the dance class Halloween party for 3 years straight, finally REMEMBERING. And making some pretty awesome…creepy cattepillars? with my Poki Doll girl.

Watching Baby Shae suck on her fingers just like my niece Nicole did. When I first met Tyler, one of the reasons I fell in love with him was because of how he treated his niece Nicole and nephew Jacob. Good guy I have here. He’s a sweet man, who has only lost his temper once or twice since I have known him. He has such a soft, soft heart. His baby girls have a dad who doesn’t raise his voice at them or their mama. And for that I am very grateful. Everyone has their problems, but I am so glad this is one I don’t have to deal with in this house — I wouldn’t be able to.

Chickens that are DYING to eat every morning.

The girls’ Halloween skirts that my mom made 3 years ago. They still fit, and we love them.

Fall hikes with winter coats.

Inviting neighborhood friends over for spooky Halloween dinners.

Those blue eyes.

EGGNOG IN THE STORES! Poki and I went a little overboard, and bought every flavor in the store. Guess what we learned? Flavored eggnogs are gross.

Warm fall days where we stayed up late and ran through the trees together — racing as fast as we could, and then falling down on the ground to catch our breath.

New church dresses.

Finding a mountain goat ripped apart by a mountain lion on our hike up in the moutains.

Flying out Aunt Kaitlyn to come visit from Arizona while our brother is in Army basic training camp. PROUD OF OUR UNCLE DARREN. HOO RA!

Pink marshmallows.

Finally having Shae find her lovey. Thought it could be them, but then when we were walking through Nordstrom we found what we had been looking for! Love at first sight.

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