Things I Loved This December Part 2

January 5th, 2014 in About Me

Christmas dresses! I’ve had their upcoming Easter dresses planned in my head for awhile. I have a problem!


Abby (Mini Boden), Cameron (Zara), Shae (American Girl Doll),                                           and Reagan (Laura Ashley)

Our Christmas tree is always simple, the girls do most of the decorating, and we can only decorate it from the babies height and up!


I invited some friends over for a Lazy Christmas Party meaning I ordered pizza, told them to come in their PJs, and we played silly no fuss games. It felt so good! This will be a tradition for sure.



Tyler has done most of the playing in the snow outings this year. But as I write this I just today went sledding with all the girls. It is fun to let go and scream down the hill and be silly. So maybe I was missing out most of the year! This day they made a snowman eating a child, so funny.


I got lucky this year on our trip to the Alpine Nativity. There were enough adults for all the kids. I couldn’t have done that trip in such cold weather without everyone.


Matching jammies are just the best Christmas tradition. Love that our cousins could join in on the fun.



Lastly for now is our Christmas Eve dinner. I worked so hard on this. I don’t know if it went well, I might need to step down from the family party lady position. But I certainly tried! And of course matching dresses made me smile. And this time I got to join in.


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