Things I Loved This December Part 1

December 30th, 2013 in About Me

The girls have been off track since before Thanksgiving. I knew this would give us the chance to do all of the fun things around town because school wasn’t in the way. I also knew this meant that there would be more fighting leading up to Christmas. Sadly reminding them that SANTA WAS WATCHING never worked. These sweet girls of mine can be the best of friends. I adore listening to them play pretend together for hours. I do not adore when they poke each other’s buttons just to drive each other crazy. I will be sad when I send them back to school because I honestly like spending all day with them. But I know it is good for them to get some space from each other.

But, proof below, they do have a lot of good moments:


I have moved a lot in my life, I counted it the other day. 15 times in 18 years, how crazy is that? The most important thing I have learned that it is all up to you if you are going to make a new place work. Don’t expect to be treated anyway because you are “new” you need to jump in and make friends. I just ran over to my planner to count up how many people I have invited people to get together just in December. —17—(The number is a little high because we did some parties and also a lot of fun outings since the girls were out of school) Guess what? These are all people I don’t know very well. You have to really put yourself out there as the new person! Be brave and do it :) Here is a little snapshot of my girls while we were running around Gardner Village to see the elves with a bunch of new friends.


Reagan started walking! Before December though and I think after Halloween. How do I not already remember the date? That is sad. Well whatever date it was, it sure was cute. And her sisters got so excited for her when she did it. It was fun to watch.


reaganwalking girlswalking

I talked my family into meeting us at a Christmas tree farm in Alpine instead of getting a permit to go up into the mountains. It wasn’t as fun but it sure was easier with four girls. Laura Lou & Bryan, thank for my loving my kids. Tyler was being bossy that day and HE picked out the tree. It looked so small and plain but he kept on insisting it was just the right size. Dang it he was right, it really was, I hate how he is a lot of the time right! Why can’t I be right more?

girlsandtree bryanandshae treewithlaura girlstree

Abby is on a dance team this year and so she danced at two festivals & a nursing home. She had such a pretty dance and I love watching her as a ballerina. Also that she has sweet aunts and grandma that watch her dance her little heart out. It means a lot to her.abbyindress

Speaking of sweet aunts…I love that Abby is old enough to chat on the phone. Her Aunt Sarah calls her just to chat, I had to snap a picture one of the times.


Lastly, having the girls draw a name of one of their sisters and shop at a local toy store was such a fun tradition. We are going to keep that one for sure! It will be nice when Reagan & Shae are old enough to know what is going on too.


Those were some of our random December highlights. There are so much more but I can’t remember them. And we’ll see if I have any time to put any of them up. Geez, how do you all of you handle 4 or more kids? It is hard. Or maybe I just forgot how hard it is to have a 1 and 2 year old at the same time. Either way, I’M BEAT! Loving it, but beat.

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