Things I Loved on Christmas

December 30th, 2011 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Stockings hung by the pretend fire…
…the pretend fire I still haven’t figured out how to work
since we moved in two and a half years ago…

Santa leaving a letter answering all the ?s in the girls’ letters…

That my husband loves these things: Johnny Cash, fun toys, cheese, sausage, books and peanut butter. Love it.

Shae’s favorite present: a dog “Jack in the Box” toy

Cameron’s favorite present: Her Doodle Bear, even though she really ended up just doodling her whole face, new sleeping bag and her baby sister while she was supposed to be doodling her Doodle Bear.

Her American Girl doll…SHE HAS NOT STOPPED TALKING ABOUT IT since she got it. Meet “Mary-Anne.”

My favorite presents:

#1 Something Abby made for me at school… she was so secretive about it and was so proud to give it to me. REALLY GUYS… I have been waiting for that my whole life.

#2 Grimms Fairy Tales: Every time my grandpa came to visit, he would read us stories from Grimm’s Fairy Tales while we fell asleep. I had such good grandparents. When they came to visit — even though they were old, tired, cancer ridden and sometimes terribly ill — they always got on the floor to play with us, stayed up to read us stories and took the time to talk and talk to us. When they came to visit it was all about us… but in a GOOD, spoiled just right way — not in a taking us out to dinner or giving us gifts kind of way — but spoiled rotten with SMILES, hugs, talking and playing. I miss them. They left too soon. I really missed them this Christmas. I want to be a grandparent exactly like them.

Our Christmas breakfast. On my husband’s side of the family they have a tradition on the Christmas Eve table with ribbons under plates, mixing them all up, having the end of the ribbon be under the plate and pulling them at the end of the meal to get your little box with a gift enclosed. I always want to do this tradition but the only meal we were eating at home this year was breakfast. So I put little notes and questions about Jesus inside the boxes. This Christmas our breakfast was centered on Christ, our testimonies, favorites songs about Him, favorite stories about Him and how we are thankful for Him.

Such a good, good Christmas.

P.S. I didn’t take too many pictures on Christmas, but for the grandmas in our lives we did a video of Christmas morning here

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