Things I Loved During the Week of LoooOooOove

February 18th, 2012 in About Me

Nine years ago, Tyler and I were married the day after Valentine’s Day — February 15th! Basically because we wanted to get a kick out of everyone close to us setting up for our wedding on Valentine’s Day night. Having our anniversary be the day after Valentine’s Day has made it so V-Day is more of a fun family day, and our anniversary is a couple thang. It’s kind of like when you have your birthday right by Christmas… you always kinda wish it was during a different time of the year. I asked my mom the other day, “Why did I decide to get married that day?!” She just laughed and said, “Because your husband could NOT do a long engagement!” Ha! Good enough reason for me.

Our week this week was… good and bad. There are sad and stressful things going on that we have no control over, which makes for a sad husband. Lately I spend most of my days trying to figure out how not to lose my cookies all over the place. But it was also a good week because I realized that finally after nine years, we know how to treat each other when we are going through hard times. I am finally getting the hang of it (I am a bit slow). I guess we are growing up!

It also has been a good week because we still had some fun, we still had some fantastic spark and romance, we relived old memories and it was also good because of the three little girls we have running around this house who love Valentine’s Day.

So here we go: Things I Loved During the Week of LoooOooOove:

Ok, maybe we emotionally eat more than I realize.

My mom made the girls these adorable Valentine’s Day skirts. You know something I loved that my mom did with us kids?  She always had a little present for us after school on Valentine’s Day. During middle school years and high school years when they do those dreaded “candy grams” and it seems like everyone has a boyfriend but you, it was really comforting to come home and have a sweet something from Mommy.

So I always get my girls a little something — this year, they each got a sparkly ring and a bottle cap necklace.

And of course, Sees chocolates for everyone.

Cards from grandmas: this one reminded me so much of the cards my grandma would send me!

Abby brought home all her class Valentines, shared them with her sister and looked through them over and over and over.

The Valentine we picked out this year and sent to family was….

Cameron ran around the house all day long with her mustache on, screaming in a vampire voice, “I MUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION!”
 Tyler forbid me from doing this again. He did not find it funny like I did!

Best part of the Valentines was having people text us wearing their moustaches:


Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for posting those. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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