Things I Loved During Our Holiday Break

January 3rd, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Going Out and About to:
Zoo Lights, Children’s Exhibits at the Church History Museum, the *NEW* Utah Museum of Natural History….(we went two times!), Caputos for a meatball sub, Carluccis with Grandma, trying to get into Les Madeleines on a Monday (sob, you can’t), Hiking up Yellow Fork Canyon, Going to Gardner Village to see the Elves, going out with friends, Playing at the park in JANUARY in 50 degree weather and errands with Daddy.

Staying In the Casa for New Year’s Eve: Fireworks, Amazing Sammies recipe via mi cabeza (#1 Roast Beef, Carmalized Onions, Spicy Mayo & Havarti #2 Pesto, Cream Cheese, Asiago Sliced Cheese, Salami and Capicola), Pioneer Women’s Baked Potato Skins, playing Barbie on the Wii, working on all our craft kits we got as presents, pretending midnight was at 9 pm and falling asleep at 11 pm.

Most of all — getting out of my funk! Geez Louise, I don’t know what was up with me but I am glad I’m feeling back to my normal self! Woo hoo!

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