Things I Loved

October 12th, 2013 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

I am in the most foul mood ever right this second. So instead of picking up the kitchen like I should, I am going to leave it like a bomb went off. I’ll try to focus on good things, I have a lot of them, what is wrong with me! I am letting things get under my skin, I need to shake it off. SHAKE IT OFF VANESSA! (this is where Abby would say, “Mom why do you always talk in the 3rd person?”)

Things I Loved (this past little while, couple months or so)

I swore these (the huge car carts) off for awhile, they give me road rage. But they love riding in them and it makes me smile. To get these two to look at the camera I have to bang my head. I take my hand and hit myself upside my own head. Which is why a lot of my pictures of these two have them hitting their own heads. This one is awesome:

Reagan is just such a doll, don’t ya think? She likes to play with her big sister now. She will throw herself on the ground, swing back and forth, bump into Shae. Until Shae finally starts wrestling with her. It is hilarious, I have it on video.

My sweet mom always does her own birthday party for my girls at her house. She’ll do it on a Sunday so family can attend. I plan their parties on their actual birthdays like a roodie patootie I guess. The girls love their sweet parties at grandma’s house.

We all really loved watching my two sweet cousins (that sounds bad, I had two cousins, who are sisters, get married to OTHER people two weeks apart from each other) get married. Candace is such a sweet woman to my daughters, they love her like an aunt.

The girls were off of school for a lot of September (year round school) and we ADORED having the museums all to ourselves. We would show up at the Natural History Museum at 10am. ┬áDealing with the school field trip kids weren’t bad. But then we would head do the Leonardo at 11:30am, AFTER their school field trip kids were gone. And we had all the graphic design equipment, green room, robot room, tinkering garage, IPADS, stop animation, etc. set ups to ourselves. A DREAM!

My mom told me this is a Sharon Rose, that is her name, and I have her name as my middle name. Now I’ll love this flower even more.

I think you have to be careful leaning on your kids when you are feeling emotional. But when I started to have a hard time at the field of flags Abby put her arm around me and told me it was ok.

Lastly that the girls’ got their Reflection projects done. They are sisters who like to have everything alike so they went with the same theme. They are inspired by Dr. Suess and did their projects in honor of him.

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