Things I Have Loved This Past Little While

May 30th, 2014 in About Me, Parties

First off, I love my neighborhood. I do. I am having a not my best stretch for the past while, and my neighborhood and ward have been one of my saving graces. When moving back from Costa Rica I wanted to live downtown. I still have many days where I drive there for the girls’ different things. I still one day want to live down there. But we moved back and nothing—oh man, I mean nothing–was available. So I settled on Daybreak because it had the feel I wanted and also all the parks. I’ve never been in a ward or a neighborhood where I have felt more loved. I don’t know what I would have done without all the smiling faces, friends, support, etc. It is wonderful to see how things should *work* no not perfect, but they work very well. It doesn’t erase problems, but you can see how it lifts people. It is nice to see how a ward works when people support each other, care about each other, even when they might be going through things at well. Who am I kidding, we are ALL going through things. It is sure going to be a sad day when we leave, because we are not here for forever.

I’m also so lucky to have a group of girlfriends that make me laugh, spend time with me, and I can be silly with. They are all old blogging friends that I have known for…I want to say 5+ years. Emily, Evonne, Lindsey, Leisha, Kristina (boo Kristina, put back up your hilarious writing), Kim, and Stephanie. We get together about every 6 weeks with a lot of funny texts and Facebook messages in between. When someone has internet trolls ripping them apart, we make huge hilarious cards to paste to their door. When someone has an awful Christmas, we drop a Christmas off at their door. If someone isn’t feeling well, we bring them dinner. Some very sad things have happened to some of us over the past few months, and we have been lucky to have each other during those times.

The last time they were at my house I thought up the best game. This would work really well for a group of girlfriends you have that know each other pretty well. I’ll explain it really fast:

*Draw names

*Give everyone a couple weeks to think of their person’s two most favorite things, and one thing they hate. Ask them to buy those things. Our budget was 15 or under.

*At the party, mix everything up and display it

*Have them guess everyone’s 2 likes and 1 hate

*Whoever gets the most right wins the tackiest thing you can find at walmart (mine were gangsta gnomes)

*Everyone goes home with their 2 likes. And then switch around the hate things to someone who likes your hate.



The night ended as Evonne dressed as JayZ and myself as Beyonce  lip synching. Who knows what happened, but I love my silly friends. 

I love this little girl below. Boy is she a hard one! But she also has so much pizzaz in her, I can’t wait to see who she is one day. I love that whenever I sneeze she runs to find me and asks, “MOM!! YOU OK?!”


I do not love that my fairy garden does not look like this anymore. Someone help me find all my fairy pieces that took forever to collect around the neighborhood! One day I will have nice things that stay nice, right?


I REALLY loved going overboard with Abby on her book report project. She picked a scene for her favorite book series (Sisters Grimm) and we went crazy. It even talked about a smell of the room so we bought a car fragrance thing and put it behind the curtain. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS!



Lastly, I love date night. Dear Tyler Brown, every date night I think, I really like this guy. We have the longest list of the best babysitters and we spoil ourselves to regular date nights.

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