The Tree

August 9th, 2009 in Life

This book takes on a whole different tone depending on my mood. Certain children’s books make me feel such a range of emotions and this is one of them.

Earlier in the week was one of those “not the best mom” nights. My husband walked in and I threw myself face down on my bed and started to cry. Well, it was more laughing while crying, which is quite a unqiue sound I must say.

Sometimes when I read the words in this book I feel love, other times emptiness, but this particular night I wanted to throw it out the window.

What is this tree thinking?! Giving her whole self; all her branches, apples, letting the kid carve into her side. Not even commenting on how he disappears for 20 years and then comes back with all of these expectations! She even admits after her go-to line, “…and the tree was happy,” that in fact she wasn’t with the following, “…but not really.”

And then when I have a good cry and get over myself I know the tree is right, that no matter what, at the end of the day we will wrap our vines around our children and just be glad they are hugging back–even if it only lasts for a few seconds, a few years at a time or our whole life. We soak it in and it energizes us.

This is why we try so hard because…

nothing feels better than this.

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