the r house couture

March 19th, 2010 in Giveaways

the r house couture.

Have you seen this Etsy shop around in the blog world?

WOW. It’s beautiful and it oozes (what? you can ooze something nice) love; love for their message, love for their products, love for their customers and love for each other.

the r house couture is a group of three dear friends who were brought together because of their passion for adoption. Lindsey Redfern ( dreamed of creating a shop especially for those touched by adoption. She brought the dream to her two friends during a late craft night and that is how it all began! If you know Lindsey or read her blog, you know she is warm, beautiful and feisty (in a good way of course, Mrs. R.), and is the mama of two little boys through adoption.

Kim Orlandini (, a mother of three, is one of the other masterminds behind the r house couture. She is an amazing photographer (I love browsing her photography shoots online). She is also adorable and unbelievably sweet. Leisha Kelsy ( is also a mother of two children through adoption and is such fun! She is creative, hilarious, great at getting things done, and is crazy cute to boot!

Now, more about their Etsy Shop, the r house couture

Their products speak to those touched by adoption, but many others as well. Custom orders are their top-selling product and I have ordered a few. My mother lost her parents and her little brother so they helped me put together a necklace to wear in remembrance of them. For my mother-in-law’s birthday they put together a necklace with her favorite saying on it: “FTF,” which stands for “Families Together Forever.”

They make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, glass pendants, charms and chains in their jewelry line. And, once again, custom orders are their best selling items so be sure to keep them in mind when choosing special, unique gifts for friends and family. A necklace or bracelet with a “tag” on it is made from thick sterling silver with HAND-stamped words. It is also adorned with some wonderfully beautiful beads, many of which have a special meaning behind them. Some of the beads’ materials/colors/origins can represent anything from a strong woman to fertility. A lot of them are vintage, produced before World War II. Really fantastic materials go into their creations; materials that are the highest quality they can find. And how fun is it to think your necklaces are made by hand; hand-cut, hand-filed, hand-stamped and created by these three amazing ladies on their weekly get together night?

Today the r house couture just released their brand new line for “Mothers Day!” Yep, Mother’s Day is coming up. Luckily, these three ladies are on top of things and have your presents all ready to go to help you celebrate Mother’s Day with the sisters, grandmothers, friends, mothers and daughters in your life. Also, if you have a special relationship with a birth mother, did you know Birth Mother Day is the day before Mother’s Day? Perfect timing. They have added four new necklace designs to the shop.

They are offering FREE SHIPPING from March 15, 2010 to April 3, 2010 on all four of these new designs.

And guess what? They are doing a giveaway over at our site SassyScoops…

Head on over there to enter yourself for the chance to win one of the beautiful necklaces above! Just click on the button below and enter your name on the giveaway post!


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