The Nutcracker in Utah

December 9th, 2010 in About Me


It’s over. I mean, my girls love dance and they love being with their friends and they do love performing The Nutcracker.  But they only like doing it *once* and there are three performances plus a dress rehearsal.

So that is why I say “PHEW!” It takes some bribing at the end. I just think it is a really special thing to be a part of and they have a really over-the-top wonderful dance teacher. Plus, with the Nutcracker I don’t have to worry about suggestive dancing, yucky-tacky-little-kids-should-not wear-that dance costumes or bad music. It really is nice!

This year, since they are so close in age they were BOTH mice. With being under 18 months apart I have a feeling this is going to be the story of their life. Let’s hope they can both deal with it most of the time.

But it was a success. Two cheers for my two mice!


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