The Hub’s Birthday—31 Years Old!!

October 18th, 2011 in About Me

My husband’s trips changed up a bit, so it turned out that he arrived back in town in the wee morning hours of his birthday. So after some sleep, he got to celebrate the whole day with us. I can say with certainty that Tyler will never want a birthday party, which is sad because his 4 little girls would selfishly have a blast preparing one for him.

So you know, after a few years or wondering why he couldn’t celebrate his birthday like *I* would want him to I got over myself and now have fun celebrating his birthday the way *he* wants to.

Birthday Breakfast: Tyler does so much work and planning with his businesses. So when it come to family things, he WANTS me to make all the decisions so he can just relax and have fun. The poor guy can’t even think ahead to what he would want to eat on his birthday. (Overworked much, eh?) Sometimes it is his famous pancakes, or his famous “copper-cake,” or these cinnamon rolls, or the ooey gooey caramel rings or a homemade breakfast sandwich. But this morning it was just a smoothie!

Presents: For three years in a row, his presents have ALL been from IFA, and we don’t even wrap them. We tell him to close his eyes and the girls just throw them at him while screaming in excitement. CRACKS ME UP. So of course we went to IFA (it’s just a farm store–things for horses, chickens, bunnies, hobby farms, workers, etc.). But to switch it up, I got him a vinyl record player with records from Johnny Cash and Dropkick Murphys!

Cheese: Yes, every birthday must include cheese. This man loves cheese. The bodyguards of the client he was working with right before his birthday went into Mexico to get him “the cheese” Queso Fundido. So on his birthday lunch, we “skilleted” it up with some chorizo and salami, and ate it in fresh tortillas.

Birthday Dinner: You think we could eat after that queso fundido? So my plans for either his favorite fish tacos or going out to eat were cancelled. Instead, we all went out that night to The Chocolate for a Cazookie…because my husband loves those with his whole heart.

Birthday Celebrations: He was so tired and missed his girlies so much from his trip that we cancelled the babysitter and all watched fun shows all day long on the couch. See, so exciting? Actually it was a really great day. And a perfect day for *HIM,* which made us all happy.

Also, no pictures…I usually take none or just 1-2 pictures, because on his birthday he needs a break. He isn’t a big picture guy! Which is fine. My hubs had a very, very happy and relaxing 31st birthday.


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