The Happy Day, by Ruth Krauss

January 27th, 2012 in Children’s Books

Anyone have The Happy Day, by Ruth Krauss in their home? It is a 1950 Caldecott Honor Book so it might be more well known than I think.

Abby came home a couple of weeks ago really sad that a little girl had moved out of her class. I showed her this book that I received from my class when I sadly had to move in the first grade.

I forgot how much I loved this book and how it reminded me of where I grew up in Maryland. The book is about all the animals scurrying and hurrying in the dead of winter to see something!

I love the illustrations in this book and how the only bit of color is on the page above in that little tiny flower. The woods in the pictures remind me of Maryland; we lived near the woods and spent a lot of time playing in them. Also, I am reminded of the slugs that would collect outside during different parts of the season.

Such a sweet book that brings back good memories. The Happy Day, by Ruth Krauss would be a fun book for any house. They have some on amazon for only $6.99!


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