The Great Salt Lake

June 10th, 2011 in Nature

On the way home from the post office one day last week we decided to go to The Great Salt Lake.

Seems like quite a normal place to go next, right?

You know, it was just an off day for me. I was feeling a bit blue and the remedy for me in those situations is to #1 be near water, #2 be with my kids and #3 be doing something that my kids enjoy. I mean really, look at the header of my blog right?

So the baby had just started her nap in the car and I thought, “What the heck? Here we go on an adventure!” Learning how salt is made also happens to be on my list of things to do with the kids this year. Perfect excuse I thought.

Off we went.

I had unknowingly misled the girls. They got out of the car screaming, “THIS IS PERFECT! I AM SO HAPPY! WEE!” They thought it was the beach. So I told them what I knew about this Salt Lake and how we were going to learn how salt it made. I explained that we put salt into almost every thing we eat, from cookies to fish. They were fine after being distracted by all the birds around. Baby Shae’s stuffy nose was getting cleared out with all of the salt in the air. Sweet relief for her and me. So we decided to continue.

But the thing was…the birds were DEAD BIRDS. Hundreds. Holy moly, as we collected that water I was just cringing thinking we needed to get out of there right that second.

That water got dumped as soon as we came home and I just told the girls IF we were to cook it on the stove all the water would cook and out we would be left with salt.

Not every nature excursion and teaching moment goes well…on this trip we learned that I don’t want to go back to The Great Salt Lake for a long time. Does make nice pictures though, huh?


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