The Gathering of Friends Cookbooks

December 22nd, 2011 in recipes

Michelle Huxtable, the author of The Gathering of Friends cookbooks, invited me (plus a guest — I had my mom come with me) to go to Thanksgiving Point to learn all about herself, her cookbooks, her passion and to check out her newest cookbook.

I own one of her cookbooks, and have given them away as gifts in the past. So when I was invited to the event… even though I don’t do blogger things so much anymore, I knew I had to go. Her recipes are simple — some of them quite clever — and the ingredients are really items you most likely already have in your home. The cookbooks themselves are beautiful, and after learning that Michelle is also an interior designer, it makes sense — they mirror that about her. The way everything is organized helps the books flow really well — they all revolve around a “gathering,” have shopping lists and the dishes in each menu play off each other really well. The cookbooks have every single recipe pictured, which I know is much more expensive to do but I appreciate it so much! I will say I always wished the photography was a bit more professional in her past volumes. Although, in this latest book (Volume #4) the photography is much better, yet still feels “homey” and not over the top (meaning I know when I make the dish it is going to look a lot like the picture). I have tried many of the recipes and they have always turned out fabulously.

I *ADORED* meeting the author because I could hear and see her joy for cooking and showing her love through cooking for others.  I loved hearing about the love for her family, learning about how her cookbooks and example have inspired others to cook for their families and watching her make her own recipes. I could see, feel and hear her passion for what she does. THAT MAKES ME A FAN OF SOMEONE FOR LIFE.

I am also a fan of people supporting local farmers, local ingredients and fresh ingredients etc., so I would love to see/feel that more in her cookbooks and recipes. Although, I know I can use these ingredients with her recipes and they will turn out even more fantastic.

She, along with her oldest daughter, made Fried Tomato Sandwiches, and while I was watching her I was so hesitant that it was actually going to taste good. Oh my, you guys, this is one of the best things I have had to eat in a while (and I eat well!), and it WAS SO SIMPLE!

Recipe for Fried Tomato Sandwiches online here

Right now you can buy 3 of her cookbooks and get one free on her website.

You can buy her books at the beautiful Thanksgiving Emporium here in Utah.

It was such a fun afternoon, and we were stuffed full of good food. It also left me with a feeling that… ok, THIS is why I cook for my family and the people I love. It really is important, and sometimes I get burnt out, but after listening to her oldest daughter talk about how much it meant to her… I can keep on keep-ing on with it!

P.S. I was disappointed I didn’t get a picture with her. I had to run back home to my baby!

P.P.S. Disclosure: I was invited to the cooking class & received the cookbook for free. 


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