The Christmas Magic by Lauren Thompson and Jon J Muth

November 11th, 2009 in Books/Reading, Children's Books

Christmas books, and specifically children’s books about Santa, are often really disappointing to me. Maybe my standards are way too high when someone wants to publish a book about Mr. Claus.  Or maybe I am right, and there is a group of really horrible Santa books.

Well, I finally found *our* Santa book.  The story and the illustrations and perfect. Just perfect. I hope my two nieces with upcoming birthdays aren’t reading this post because this book is what they are receiving! I bought one for our home too. This book really has the *it* factor.  I know already it is going to be an important part of the Christmas season in our home.

It makes Santa come across as down-to-earth but magical at the same time. Boy, do I love this book.  You should check it out.  Really, go on now.

This should do the rest of the convincing…

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