The Best Kind of Days

May 19th, 2010 in Nature

On Monday my planner looked like this:

9-12 am and 3-5 pm

Go on a Rollie Pollie Walk

Collect Rollie Pollies to live in a special village under the perfect tree

Run to park

Continue on walk to find the smallest baby Rollie Pollie

Talk to it about how our day has gone so far

Back on the hunt to find the biggest Rollie Pollie, which is the dad

Reuinte the baby Rollie Pollie with the mommy Rollie Pollie

Play in the sand

Find the mom Rollie Pollie. Reunite her with all of her children in the village under the tree

I really, really like days like this. They feel really good. 

All pictures taken with my phone. 

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