The Apple Pip Princess by Jane Ray

The Apple Pip Princess by Jane Ray is a beautifully illustrated and UNIQUE “princess” story that we love.

Quick summary for you…the queen has died and the land has become barren and depressing. The king, a pretty depressed man who is starting to become ill, tells his three daughters to do something to “make their mark” and he will choose one of them to run the kingdom. Of course the two other ones are the typical “selfish” daughters but the last daughter uses a box that her mother left behind to prove herself. She gathers the townspeople and plants beautiful plants, trees, flowers, bushes, etc. all over the barren land. She becomes the chosen one to run the kingdom, which is now back to how it was when her mother the queen was alive.

Boy the artwork is beautiful. Be sure to check out The Apple Pip Princess by Jane Ray.


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