Thanksgiving 2015

December 28th, 2015 in About Me

For Thanksgiving we invited Tyler’s sisters family over. That night we went over to my parents house for dessert. Last year we went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving which was my second favorite Thanksgiving ever. I really loved when we were first married and did a Thanksgiving dinner for a homeless shelter. Can’t wait until the girls are old enough to start doing that again. I wanted to go out to eat again but was outvoted by Tyler Ray Brown. Who wanted a nice relaxing day at home and to cook the food. But then he was gone the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving helping at work and I got stuck with all the work. So he will not win that vote again.

I love decorating my dining room and my dining room table. I had this table in the old house but it was in an office used as a homeschool table. I love having it out and getting to make it look beautiful. The night before Thanksgiving I wanted to have this be our centerpiece.


It is true even when you are struggling. If you have someone who loves you, live in a warm house, and have food to eat, you are blessed. You are far more blessed than many others in the world. If you get to have children when many others are struggling and would do anything for one, you are blessed. If all of your children are alive and well, you are beyond blessed.

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One Response to “Thanksgiving 2015”

  • Linda
    December 28th, 2015 at 6:45 pm

    Beautiful table, beautiful family, beautiful reminder of our blessings, beautiful you.