Thank You, Love

February 8th, 2012 in About Me, Crafts, family

Abby has been a doll lately — so well-behaved, helpful, patient and caring. I just have felt so lucky to have her as my oldest the past few weeks. So I secretly made her this poster. It reads:

Hey BABY (RUTH), thank you for being my LIFESAVER. 

Seriously, you are a SKOR and I’d give you 100 GRAND if I could!

Thanks for helping with all our SUGAR BABIES. You are the REISEN….(whoops meant to buy Reisens, ha! Obviously that is a Reeses) 

…Our family ORBITz the MILKY WAY!

You keep me ROLOin and SNICKERin with your funny jokes and TWIX

Thank you for being a wonderful big sister.


Your Mama


She loved it. At first, she said, “Oh no, Poki can’t see this. She will be mad!” But I told her I had a little bag of candy for Cameron. Then she looked at me and said, “You know I DO do a lot for everyone! Thank you Mom!” And she rubbed my back.

Cute thing about the heart surrounded with kisses and hugs. We were talking one day about how one of her grandmas puts XOXO at the end of her letters and the other grandma draws a heart with FTF (Families Together Forever) in the middle. She wanted to start her own thing, so now she signs things with a heart and a circle of XOXOs around it.

Geez Lousie, I am lucky to be her mama.


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