Tender Mercies

October 16th, 2012 in About Me

I am thankful for these tender mercies during this crazy time:

  • staying at my parents house for a month before we leave, four kids is hard for me, and is helping being here a lot
  • new neighbor friends for Abby and finding a drop in art class for her to attend (she is a sweet girl but gets very unhappy when not involved in social things)
  • an easy newborn
  • sunday dinners at becca’s house
  • for the first time not having any issues with my breast milk supply
  • hidden chocolate chips in my car
  • friends that show they love me and care about me during a very hard time in my life. and forcing myself to focus on the ones who have and just push out of my mind those that have let me down (doesn’t that happen every time you move? one of the downsides)
  • fall
  • general conference, and as always particularly President Eyring
  • cards, notes, and attention to my girls from loved ones who live far away
  • my sling (it is the only way I get anything done)
I needed to write that down. Sometimes it doesn’t help to write down the things you are struggling with. And instead just focus on how God remembers you more than you think and is watching out for you. This is one of those times.
Wish my husband luck or send good vibes his way as he drives to Costa Rica, we will be on our way via plane soon as well. 

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