Teaching the Alphabet—Letter A

March 29th, 2008 in Crafts, Freebie Posts, Learning

Letter A
letter a

Words that Start with A


  • Music

 -Make up a song that you sing throughout the week (and review occasionally) about the letter A. Include the sounds the letter makes and words that start with the letter A. -You can purchase Alphabet CDs at Amazon or at www.frontlinephonics.com if you would like. -Here is an example:An angry alligator told an African ant, “I will eat you for afternoon tea. Unless you find a juicy apple for me, I will eat you for afternoon tea.” Ant answered with his army and a plan that would suit, “Armed with arrows we’ll attack the big brute.” Astonished alligator was an astronaut, Airborne over an American Port. ·        Scavenger Hunt-While singing the song go through your house on a hunt to find things that start with the letter A (look in the fridge, outside, anywhere)·        Books-Check out a letter A book at the library or just go through your child’s favorite book and show them which words start with the letter A. Even better write your own book with your child about the letter A!·        Food-Have a letter A meal or snacktime where everything starts with the letter A. (Apples, Asparagus…) You could even make A shaped pancakes for breakfast.·        Incorporating it into your Day-Sing a song that includes a word that starts with the letter AWhen the Ants Go Marching In – Song
Oh when the ants
Go marching in
Oh when the ants go marching in
How I want to be in that number
When the ants go marching in
-Do a craft that goes along with the letter A

·        Apple Stamps

·        Cut apples in half and in slices. Don’t forget to cut them across the middle to expose the “star.” Dip the apples in paint and stamp them onto construction paper. 

  • Writing-Teach your child what the letter looks like. Use clay, play-dough, trace it in sand, make a collage in the form of a letter A. Have you child trace it with their finger and practice writing it.

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