Teaching Sons to Respect Womanhood by Vanessa

March 6th, 2010 in About Me

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I think you should just read Rochelle’s post from yesterday in place of mine. I don’t have sons…I have two little brothers, though.  Does that count?

What I DO know is that as a mother of two little girls, I will do all I can to have the men around them respect womanhood. I can’t control everyone they come in contact with in the future, but for now I can. And I will! They have a dad, an Uncle Ryan, a wonderful next door neighbor who is our hometeacher, grandpas, uncles and cousins. All whom I have “checked off” and “approved” as men that respect them.

At my daughter’s birthday party last week all of the attendees were boys, except one other girl. They were all boys from wonderful families with dads that respect their wives very much. I allow (yes, allow…for now I can use that word) Abby to be around them because they treat her right. Sure, they get in fights over toys or cry when they are tired but they respect her and she respects them. If I surround my daughters with family, men and boys who respect her 100%, she will recognize when a man comes around who does NOT respect her. It will not be natural to her and I hope to goodness she will run. I will teach her what to expect from men and to never lower her standards.  I will teach this to both of my daughters and I hope this is one of the things they end up listening to!

So I think I will end with an open letter to parents of sons….

To Parents of Little Boys:

I promise to teach my daughters to respect their bodies…

and in turn can you teach your sons to respect them as well?

I promise to do my best to make sure my daughters have a healthy relationship with their daddy…

and in turn can you raise sons that will be good daddies to my grandbabies and daughters?

I promise to honor my role as a mother and raise my girls with patience, love and the gospel…

so in turn they will take care of your grandbabies and your sons.

I promise that I will do my best, along with my husband, to prayerfully raise girls that EXPECT respect…

so if your son sways a bit they will have someone that will snap him back into line.

I promise that if my little girls come in contact with a man who has any sort of hate for motherhood, womanhood or that dishonors ANY daughter of God, that my daughters will run (or that I, as their mother, will try my hardest to get them to run)…

so that they will be pure and clean and KNOW someday (far, far away) that the way your son was raised and how he treats them is what they have been waiting for.

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