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~Earth Week~Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Save the Planet Children’s Books!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review

Last week we took a tip to Barnes & Noble to check out if they had any books to help teach us how to take better care of our earth. We came home with three favorites and I highly recommend each one! Help Your Parents Save the Planet by Play Bac “This is the first […]

Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Ella the Elephant Series

Babar was one of my favorite book series and cartoon growing up. I have tried to get my girls into Babar but they really seem to love Ella the Elephant so much more. I love Ella too! Her character is kind, obedient, a good friend, elegant, helpful, just an all around sweet-heart. The Ella the […]

Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—My Top Pick

I saved the best for last in my Top Valentine Book List! If You’ll Be My Valentine by Cynthia Rylant, Illustrated by Fumi Kosaka The little boy makes a Valentine for everyone special in his life, from his dog to his baby sister. He always starts with, “If you’ll be my Valentine…” and tells them […]

Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Books on Love

What Valentine’s Day or children’s books about love are your favorite? I know it might seem silly to include a Clifford book in my list but that is the book I remember while growing up reading for Valentine’s Day. Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond might be one you are unfamiliar with, it tells the […]

Tuesday: Weekly Book Find—The Moon Shines Down

Have you read Margaret Wise Brown’s latest book release, The Moon Shines Down? It is getting very mixed reviews. It was a manuscript discovered in an old trunk in a barn in Vermont and is now being published 56 years after the author’s death. I see the Moon and the Moon sees me As it sees […]

Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Our Collection of Holiday Books

I pack all of our Christmas-time books along with our decorations, that way every year they seem new. I would love to hear what unique books are in your holiday collection, I feel that my list is lacking a little. I will only give summaries for the less known titles. If You Take a Mouse […]

Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Jackpot at the Library

This past week we hit the jackpot once again at the library in our selection of books. Be sure to check out if your library carries these titles: Widgets   Inside All (Sharing Nature with Children Book) by Margaret H. Mason and Holly Welch is a beautiful book, the writing, message and illustrations. It […]

Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—-Language & Grammar

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review

   Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day by Robin Pulver and Lynn Rowe Reed will introduce your child to grammar in a very playful way. This is a book I have checked out from the library but need to buy to have at home, this one is a keeper!   Punctuation Takes a Vacation […]

Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Chocolate Chip Ghost!

For the giveaway click here. I turned one of my favorite stories growing up into a felt board story. My girls ask every single morning for the “Chocolate Chip Ghost Story!” So without further adieu… Once upon a time, there lived 6 little ghosts and a Mama ghost. As everyone knows, ghosts are white and to stay white.  […]

Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Rookie Biographies

“That will be so great when she is older.” “I bet she will love that in a few years.” “I cannot wait until she is old enough to that kind of stuff.” I got sick of hearing and saying that stuff with my oldest daughter and threw those rules out of the window. I try […]