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Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings–Getting Your Children More Involved in the Election

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 in Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

Click here for the giveaway 27 more days until the election! Scholastic News Online has an amazing site put together to help teach your children learn about the electoral college, campaigning, the candidates and issues, political parties, how the government works and “tips fro the pros” through already put together lesson plans, audio and online […]

Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—Journaling

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 in Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

The giveaway is a few posts down. What kind of personal journaling do you? What about your mother, grandmother, great grandmother? What journaling do you DO for your children? What do you have your children do on their own? I was in the habit of writing my girls weekly (since they are to young to […]

Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—Mini Candy Apple Snack

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 in Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

Click here for the Halloween Giveaway! These Mini Candy Apples are the perfect size and super easy to make. 1. Cut all your lollipop sticks in half. Get the rest of your supplies: melon baller, toppings, apples and cupcake liners. 2. Suprisingly the butterscotch chips were the fav! 3. Scoop out a ball of melon […]

Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—After School Snacks Article

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 in Health, Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

Click herefor the Nie Nie Day Silent Auction Post.   Click here for the giveaway.    After School Snacks Snacks can and should be a part of every child’s balanced diet An afternoon snack is not just an indulgence: active kids with fast metabolisms and small-capacity tummies need a between-meal pick-me-up on a regular basis. It can be […]

Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—Ideas for School Lunches

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 in Health, Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

Click here for the giveaway.   It is so crazy to me that where I live it is back to school time, must be because winter lasted so long summer didn’t get a real chance. So the least you can do to make it up to your kids is to send them off with some […]

Wednesday: Mid-Week Ramblings—Quick Snacks

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 in Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

I had a mother send me a question about snacktime ideas on the run. Here are our favorites to use on the run, during a long car drive, or when you just don’t have to time prepare something better! All natural vegetarian snack Baby’s love it Baked puffed rice & corn Spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage, […]

ARCHIVES Wednesday:Mid Week Ramblings—Dollar Finds

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 in Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

The giveaway is a few posts down. Dollar Store Puzzles One of my pet peeves, is for my kids to take care of the toys they have. Especially games, nothing is worse than going to play a game and half the pieces are ruined or missing. Puzzles are the hardest, unless they are wood, they […]

Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—Don’t Dummy Down Your Kids Food!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 in Health, Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

I wish I could say I came up with the saying, “Don’t Dummy Down Your Kid’s Food” but alas someone said it on one of my favorite summertime reality TV shows, The Next Food Network Star. But ya know, it is really something I live by. I refuse to “dummy down” my kids food. One […]

Wednesday: Mid-Week Ramblings—Band-aid Poll

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 in Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

Well I knew it would come someday, it has started in my house, the obsession with every single child and their need for band-aids. What is the rule in your house, vote away! What is the rule in your house with Band-aids? At any request, they can have one! If I can tell they are really […]

Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—Boundaries and Rules with Infants and Toddlers

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 in Parenting Tips, Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

(Click here for the giveaway) I wanted to share two somewhat conflicting views and advice on boundaries, rules and discipline with our infant and toddlers. I would love to hear your input, opinions and suggestions. I had a friend summarize the Babywise approach to this as explained in the Book Babywise 2: Just like in […]