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Thursday:Importance of the Arts—Picture Book Art

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg (most known for Jumanji) It starts out with a fictional editors note telling of an encounter with an author/illustrator named Harris Burdick, who provided the images and captions as samples, each from a different picture book he had written. He left with a promise to deliver […]

Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—The Power of Labels

Whenever we label our children, we severely limit their space. Right now i am re-reading chapter 7 of Scream Free Parenting by Hal Runkel (the book I reviewed on Saturday) and found something I terribly need to work on. Whenever we label our children, we severely limit their space. I had never thought of this […]

Tuesday:Weekly Book Review—Helping Your Child Through Fears with Books

One Tuesday morning while at story time Abby had a meltdown. Not a normal one, she was really terrified of what the books were about this particular week…..monsters. Every fear your child has you will probably end up dealing with in a different way. Some get better with time, some just fade away, some with […]

Saturday:Shopping!—A Must Have Parenting Book

Saturday, April 5th, 2008 in Parenting Tips, Saturday: Shopping!

Scream Free Parenting by Hal Runkel I discovered this author one morning on my local radio show. He used to do a spot right after my husband’s radio spot ( and I decided to check out his book. Some of my friend’s had heard of him through the Today show, where he has appeared a […]

Thursday:Importance of the Arts—Coloring and Broken Crayon Craft

The Importance Coloring (I didn’t realize this was my second post on coloring, hopefully I didn’t repeat myself to much) This is something you can start maybe earlier than you think. I would tape a large piece of paper on my daughter’s high chair tray, give her some over-sized crayons and she really enjoyed it. […]

Tuesday:Weekly Book Review—Teaching Your Children about Emotions Through Books

One of the greatest teaching tools to me is books. When you are teaching your children something you can always tell when they have that “ah ha!” moment. This happens a lot with us when we are reading a book. These are some books that have helped me teach my daughter about her feelings and […]

Teaching the Alphabet—Letter A

Saturday, March 29th, 2008 in Crafts, Freebie Posts, Learning

Letter A Words that Start with A Acorn Airplane Alligator Alphabet Aluminum America Animals Ant Antennae Apple April Art August Author Autumn     Music  -Make up a song that you sing throughout the week (and review occasionally) about the letter A. Include the sounds the letter makes and words that start with the letter A. […]

Tuesday:Weekly Book Review—Maisy Big, Maisy Small:A Book of Maisy Opposites by Gina Chen

Maisy Big, Maisy Small: A Book of Maisy Opposites by Gina Chen I found this book on a teacher’s recommendation list for teaching opposites. The illustrations are bold, simple, colorful and will catch your child’s eye. Maisy is square/round, tall/short, messy/clean, together/along, many/nothing. My two year old has grasped onto opposites and has some new […]

Tuesday:Weekly Book Review—Series written by Michelle Sinclair Colman and illustrated by Nathalie Dion

Baby Books by Michelle Sinclair Colman and Nathalie Dion I was given County Babies Wear plaid (written by Michelle Sinclair Colman and illustrated by Nathalie Dion) for a baby shower present. The book was so up to date, very today’s baby and mother books, and I really enjoyed it. I found that there were 4 […]

Saturday:Shopping—Outlet Mall Bookstores

Outlet Mall Bookstores I had two great finds when I went to Park City’s Outlet Mall to Barnes and Noble. Baby Einstein’s ABC Art Cards and ABC Alpha Books. I got them at a killer price, but I would have payed full price for them happily, we use them every single day in my house. […]