sweet old dogs

August 11th, 2013 in About Me

I love my Honey and Rocco. With each child I have they get less and less attention from me. Honey used to follow me every morning and night to do my rounds on  the kids. She would walk right behind me and circle the room along with me. Before she went to bed she would go up to all their doors and then go on to her bed. She was a second mama. But now she is old, tired, and makes the rounds less and less. On my way to bed one night I saw her all curled up, too tired to make it upstairs. So I scooped her in my arms, hugged her tight, and said thank you for all she had done.

Then I said goodnight to Rocco despite his breath which has been getting horrible with age. Thank you for being a companion to my husband. The two of them can run away together when the house is full of 5 screaming girls. I still remember Tyler going to work in Boston everyday with puppy Rocco on his lap. Now he has a gray beard but still can do bite work like a boss.

You know what else? When I bring my brand new babies home. Guess who they meet first? That is right, these two. They cover my 2 day olds in licks, it has become an initiation.

Such sweet old dogs, watching them get old is starting to be rough. Whenever they pass, it is going to be awful.

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