Surf Lesson with Poppi

April 7th, 2013 in About Me, Our Travels Worldwide

We were looking for something else for the girls to do and checking out surf instructors that give kid lessons. But then Tyler thought well hey why not I try to teach them first.

The first lesson went really well. Abby got up at least four times and it made her ecstatic. Cameron got up on her hands and knees but wasn’t trying too hard. She was just having fun being silly in the water. So I think next time she goes out and if she is just a teeny bit more focused, that she will get up too.

I loved everything about watching this. The girls practicing on the sand with their little sister behind them mimicking their moves. How early is too early to see if Shae can surf? I loved watching them hold their Daddy’s hand skipping out into the waves. I loved listening to my husband hip and holler when they got up. I don’t think I have ever seen that man so excited! I flinched when they fell and the surfboard went flying up into the sky. I hoped there wasn’t a crocodile swimming nearby (it’s happened out here–not to us yet). I prayed there wasn’t a shark nearby that had the munchies. I grinned when they felt so proud about what they had done.

And watching her do this? Nothing like it I tell you….

Pura Vida.

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