Super Attractive

November 30th, 2010 in About Me

Last night I took my tired self and tired baby girl to IFA (a.k.a. ‘where the farmers go!’) while Abby was at self defense. Both of us were so attractively munching on our corn dogs while we walked around the place trying to find good snow boots for Daddy.

Cameron gets “oohs” and “aahhs” and “SO CUTES” wherever we go, especially if she is talking because her voice sounds like Tinkerbell. On this particular trip, she was getting LOTS of adorable looks and I got a lot of quick looks, followed by looks-away.

Then at the checkout counter the lady busted up laughing so I turned around to Cameron and noticed that her pants were around her ankles with her cute Hello Kitty undies for all to see. I then looked down to see half of my belly popping out.

I learned two things:

#1 Non maternity shirts are not going to work anymore.

#2 I really need to keep a better eye on us.


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