Sunday: Entertainment Review—Yes I am ruining them already…

August 31st, 2008 in Sunday: Entertainment Review

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I get so nervous putting anything on here about my kids watching TV!

SO, be nice! I am so careful at how much TV my daughter can watch. And yes I know that my pediatrician recommends that you do not introduce children to television until the age of two.

And with that disclaimer….

First Source of TV Entertainment

Around 9/10 months both of my girls started to love watching music videos. A couple times a week, before bedtime, I would (well with Cameron it should be present tense) lie them on their tummy and let them watch this:

Cameron just starts dancing and bopping along to the music. Abby would let out a screech and start clapping :) Here is my youngest enjoying her “down time”

In terms of TV Entertainment, what were your children’s first favorites? For both of them other than this they seemed to love Elmo first.

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