Sunday’s Everyday Beauty

November 1st, 2009 in Beauty in Everyday

Sundays Shmundays.

I know I shouldn’t admit out-loud that Sundays are most definitely not my favorite day of the week, but it is true.

Although, most Sundays I do look forward to “Meal Planning.” The girls and I pull out every cookbook, food magazine, and favorite food blogs on my laptop to help us decide what we are going to make throughout the week. We also always keep a pad on the fridge so when one of us gets a “Fantabulous Idea” during the week, we can hurry and jot it down on the pad. With all of those things, plus my weekly calender with our dry erase markers, we get to work.


We plan our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, plus one or two treats. I talk about where we buy our food and why, and how we need to make sure we have tons of veggies, lots of fruits and not too many sugars. The girls ask me silly things like, “Is broccoli the thing that fights bad guys in our bodies?” “Why do bad guys go in our bodies? The water flushes them out right?” “Who makes broccoli? Is it from trees or not?”

Abby is obsessed (and I am more than fine with this obsession) with the type of VITAMINS in everything so we google those on my laptop. Cameron, of course, is interested in all of our cupcake cookbooks. That girl has the sweet tooth of her mother.

I love them even more during this time. I forgive them for how horribly awful they were during church and we teach each other to put care into all the food that goes in our bodies.

I love this weekly ritual we have. Maybe it makes Sunday Shmundays not so bad after all.

What do YOU love about Sundays?


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