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March 16th, 2008 in Sunday: Entertainment Review

I noticed that Noggin revamped their site a few months ago.

The music videos are much easier to watch, doesn’t open another screen and you don’t have to wait for it to download. They still have Laurie Berkner songs but have introduced us to some new music.

It still annoyingly on over half of the games, redirect you to The Blues Clues Gold Challenge and Dora’s City Adventure, we really enjoy.

Which by the way Nick Jr. now has an “arcade” and they charge you to play! They get our money with all the toys we buy, books, DVDs, why can’t this one thing just be free? But this is not a review on Nick Jr……

My favorite part of the site is the storytelling section. They have a good amount of stories, great cartoons, and it is very interactive. At the end you can choose between two kids to give their version of the end of the story.

The print-ables, are not the best, other children’s website have a lot more of a selection.

The advertisements are not to annoying and don’t block the page like lots of others.

It is not my favorite children’s website, but it is safe, and we love the storytelling and music videos that are available.


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