Sunday: Entertainment Review—Throw a Glow in the Dark Game Night Party

Night Games have been big for awhile, I am sure if you have kids over the age of 5 you know!

Throw a Glow in the Dark Game Night Party!

Glow in the Dark Crafts (I found these in the Family Fun magazine):

Swing Comet Tails

You will need:

Tennis ball

Glow in the dark fabric paint

Craft knife

Glow in the ark plastic string (you can get this at craft stores)

Tacky glue

-Decorate the ball with the fabric paint. Let is dry under a light or in  a sunny spot to charge the paint (you can sit it on a bottle cap so it doesn’t roll)

-Use a craft knife to cut a half inch long slit int he painted ball

-Form a looped handle by folding a 30 inch length of a string in half, then double knotting the ends together

-Squeeze the ball to open the slit, and push the knot into the hole. Add a dab of tacky flue to the slit to secure the string.

Night Sky Tees

Night Sky Tees

You will need:

Black or navy blue T-shirt, pre washed

Con-Tact paper


Fabric paint (recommended white and silver glitter)

Foam paintbrushes

Glow int he dark paint (recommended white, orange and green)

Cotton swabs

-On the Con-Tact paper, trace a round plate for a planet or draw a waning moon and stars.

-Cut the shapes from the paper to create a stencil, then peel off the backing and press the stencil onto the shirt.

-Insert a piece of cardboard between the shirt layers to keep the paint from bleeding through.

-Use a paintbrush to fill in the shapes with fabric paint (recommended white for the planet and moon, silver glitter for the stars)

-After the paint dries, add a layer of glow in the dark paint (recommended orange for the planet, white for the rest) 

-When that is dry, peel off the stencil.

-Add green glow in the dark rings to the planet.

-For small stars, use a cotton swab to dab glitter paint dots onto the shirt.

-Follow the fabric paint insturctions for setting the design and washing your shirt.

Cricket Chirper

-Use scissors to cut the pointed tips from two 10-inch wooden skewers

-Thread fifteen 1/2 inch beads tightly together onto each one and use tacky glue to secure the end beads to the skewers.

-When the glue is dry, play your instrument by rubbing the beaded sections against each other

Game Idea:
Capture the Moon

Swinging Comet Tails

You will need:

 4 or more players

Soccer ball


-In an open area, one player, the Astronaut, stands with a flashlight near the soccer ball moon.

-He yells, “Blast off!” then closes his eyes and starts to count while the other run and hide.

-When he reaches 29-the number of days in a lunar cycle-the Astronaut calls out, “Full moon.” Players then try to grab the ball with out being caught in the flashlight’s beam.

-To make things more interesting, have the Astronaut turn off the light in-between tags to sneak up on players.

-When a player is caught in the light, he’s out.

-The fist person to pick up the ball or the last player left o be tagged is the new Astronaut.

Glow in the dark Food:


  • One jello mold of choice ( sufficient diameter )
  • Jello mixes of choice ( 2 lg box mixes )
  • One clear glass plate
  • One hollow centered bundt pan
  • One small flash light
  • One cake display stand


  1. Make your favorite jello and pour into the mold of choice. Refrigerate and allow to set.
  2. Check to be certain the batteries are working in the flashlight. Set up your glow stage by placing cake stand down on table first. Place the flashlight in center of an upside down bundt pan placed on top of the cake stand. Place glass dish on top of bundt pan.
  3. When ready for the big moment, unmold the jello onto the glass plate and turn on the flashlight. Replace the glass plate and the light will shine through the plate into and throughout the jello.
  4. Add dram by turning off lights and eating in the dark.

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