Sunday: Entertainment Review—My Daughter Wants to Be British

I think the British accent fascinates my daughter. Charlie and Lola and Kipper seem to be her favorite T.V. Shows. They aren’t made for her group age I believe (she is 23 months, soon we will be to the point where we just do her age by years!) but she is just hypnotized when we watch them.

The writers do a fantastic job showing the vivid imagination of the main characters,  Charlie and Lola. They have such a magical way of making day to day things so interesting.

The basic explanation of the series from Wikipedia is “Charlie and Lola are the principal characters from a series of children’s picture books by Lauren Child. The stories are all narrated by seven year-old Charlie, and focus on the antics of his imaginative and excitable four year-old sister, Lola. The books as well as the television series also emphasise the relationship between closely-aged siblings.”

One of our favorite episodes was also the first book published, “I will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato”

The very clever Charlie “plays a good trick” on Lola and transforms every food into something spectacular. From cloud fluff from the pointest point of Mt. Fuji (mashed potato) to fish sticks from the mermaid marked under the sea, every introduction to a new food takes them on a journey.

charlie and lola

I would review this show as a great rainy day break. We try to not watch more than 1 show a day when it is nice outside and 2 if it is cold or stormy.  Sometimes it is nice to cuddle up on the couch and take a break.

Note: The show has a awesome website with fun games and story telling on it.

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