Sunday: Entertainment Review—Hello Kitty Tricked Us

October 26th, 2008 in Sunday: Entertainment Review

Do you remember that post I wrote awhile about how annoying I thought the Barbie movies were? Well I DID jinx myself completely, promising Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie as an award is how we accomplished potty training.

That was the first movie Abby had ever watched until this weekend when we let her choose out a movie to rent at the video store, she was in love with this Hello Kitty movie:

Seriously I even offered the girl who rarely sees candy, A BAG OF MnM’s in it’s place and the answer was, “No, Hello Kitty!”

Now looking at this cover it seems safe and sweet, right? No, thank you Hello Kitty for last night’s nightmares. Why in the world would a Hello Kitty movie with the title “Princess Dreams” include:

-The characters getting chased by big evil scary bats

-Sword Fights where the Prince stabs the bad guy

-Turing characters into stone and scary vultures

Hello Kitty we will just be looking to you for fun pens and stationary from now on. Thanks but no thanks, we gave up on this movie after one story and Abby told me, “Uh Mom I like Dora, just Dora.”

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