Sunday: Entertainment Review—-Entertaining those Trick of Treaters

October 12th, 2008 in Crafts, Monday: Weekly Family Activity

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The Rosie O’Donnell Show was my favorite show in middle school along with my best friend at the time Shara. We would catch up on episodes during the summer. We even recorded and sent in videos of our “cooking segments” which were always just ding dongs with TONS of whipped cream on them. Kind of scary to think those videos are out there somewhere.

Rosie O’Donnell put out her very own craft book which is great because that lady knows her crafts!

We are using this craft from her book to store our candy in for the trick or treaters.

“Hostess-with-the-Ghostest Bowl” (my version)

2 wire hangers

large bowl

white glue

3 Styrofoam balls

foam-core board or large piece of cardboard

masking tape

1 yard of white cotton fabric

black felt

Bend one hanger to stand over the bowl and the second hanger to make the ghost’s arms. Tape the hangers together at the top and at the sides.

Cut out a circle the same size as your cake stand either from a box or a foam board. Tape the wire stand in place on the board. Put bowl for candy in place (I know I REALLY need a water softener!).

Glue (or I just poked them in) the Styrofoam balls in place.

 Cut a large circle of fabric out of a 1 yard fabric square of white cotton material. Mix 1 cup white glue with 1/2 of water and soak the fabric circle until fully saturated.

Drape the fabric over the ghost frame and allow the section between the arms to fall into the bowl. Fold the raw edge of the fabric under and glue to the board. Let dry.

When completely dry cut tow ovals of black felt and glue on head for eyes. Fill bowl with candy and serve!


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