Sunday: Entertainment Review—Entertaining on the 4th of July

The 4th of July is less than a month away! I wanted to share just a preview of what I have found to help you have a spectacular 4th of July party.

Red White and Blue Ribbon Stars

Red, White, and Blue Ribbon Stars

Having a hard time coming up with a themed gift to give the hostess?

What about these Pom Pom flip flops?

Pom-Pom Flip-Flops

Or a mini herb garden, pre-packed picnic basket, or a gift basket full of BBQ essentials (cookware, cookbook, BBQ sauces and rubs).

4th of July for my family has always been a holiday that we tend to celebrate with our community and neighborhood. Does your community have any events for the 4th of July? We will be watching a parade, attending a Jazz concert and watching the Bee Movie in the park on the 3rd of the July. On the 4th we plan on watching our city’s fireworks hopefully after a delicious BBQ. What are your plans or traditions you have with your family?

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