Sunday: Entertainment Review—Entertaining at a Bubble Party

June 29th, 2008 in Sunday: Entertainment Review

Our Plans for Our Bubble Party (we are inviting ages 18months-3 years)

bubbles :)
-Huge Buckets, Plastic Bins, and the Kiddie Pool full of bubble solution (by the way the longer the solutions sits the better the bubbles will turn out)

Best Bubble Solution

1 Cup Water
2 Tablespoons Light Karo syrup or 2 Tablespoons Glycerin
4 Tablespoons Dishwashing liquid

Mix together and have fun!

Colored Bubbles

1 Cup Granulated Soap or Soap Powder
1 Quart Warm Water
Liquid Food Coloring
Plastic Straws
Small Juice Cans

Dissolve soap in warm water.

-Plenty of Magic Bubble Wands

-Small lacrosse sticks, tennis rackets, drinking straws (they make tons of little bubbles), anything we can think of that will hold and release the bubbles!!

We are going to have the sprinkler going, side walk chalk ready, kids music playing, and otter pots available in full force!

Throw yourself a easy summer party, what ideas do you have?

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