Sunday: Entertainment Review—Classical Baby 3-Pack – Music, Art & Dance

July 13th, 2008 in Sunday: Entertainment Review

I am really excited about these DVDs, I had not seen them before, have you guys?

Classical Baby is a three DVD set in which each DVD focuses on a single classic art form: dance, visual art and music. Each DVD has catchy music, is brilliantly colored, and has fun animated animal characters that will keep your child or infant interested.  “The Music Show” covers music from Villa Lobos, Bach, Mozart and Bartock. “The Art Show” focuses on masterpieces from Degas, Hopper and my favorite Monet. Music goes along with each art piece from jazz to classical to ragtime.“The Dance Show” shows the animated character dancing in all different styles from classical ballet to an animated sheep dance.   These DVDs are made to appeal from ages 6 months -4 years.

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