Sunday: Entertainment Review—Barbies are fun to play with but dreadful on the big screen

Barbies are fun to play with but dreadful on the big screen

I love Barbies, played with them until was twelve….ok fine thirteen. My friend and I would have sleepovers on the weekends just to play Barbies. Before beginning to play we would swear, PINKIE swear, that we would tell no one about how we played Barbies. Because as you know playing Barbies at our age, was oh so sad and we totally should have been moved on to The Baby-sitter’s Club by then.

No matter how much I love them though these Barbie movies are just torture to watch, I cannot even see from any age how they would be appealing at all. (Yes I know I have jinxed myself completely, my girls will most likely now love these movies.)

BARBIE MARIPOSA (DVD MOVIE) - Click Image to Close

I can’t put my finger on why these movies get under my skin, maybe it’s the horrible plots or the annoyingly high screechy voices they use. In this particular movie Barbie Mariposa and her Butterfly Friends they have monsters eat their butterfly friends. For now I’ll pass on giving my daughters horrible nightmares involving one of their favorite toys.

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