Sunday: Entertainment Review—Activities To Go Along with Movies

My sister in law recommended a website to me.

You can sign up for a free newsletter where they send you an idea to do as a family. The idea always includes a movie and an activity to go along with the movie. It also gives you tips/discussion ideas about the movies to talk about as a family. It involves culture, different eras, movies for different age groups, the music in the movie.

These are really fantastic ideas. Lots of them I can’t use for my family (two kids under 2) but I look forward to using lots of them in the future.

For example this week it is:

Forrest Gump + Playing Ping Pong

 I love the idea of spending time relaxing, talking, playing and learning together as a family revolving around some great films. This is such a great site, I am nervous to give it out, be sure to still come back to my site :)

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