Sunday: Entertainment Ideas–Fun To Do List

My goal after we move is to check more things off my “Fun To-Do List” with the girls.

1. Make this butterfly collage I saw on No Biggie out of old catalogs, scraps of paper and favorite drawings done by the girls.

2. Make these Root Beer cookies with the girls. (I have been talking about them for months!)

3. Dig up the 200+ tulip-bulb bed we planted for our “Fairy Garden” so we can transfer it to our new home and plant it when the summer is over. Next year will be the year!

4. Play with our Bendaroos even more.

5. Pull the car over and get out to look at these more often.

6. Head down to the Provo Farmer’s Market to make my little girl very, berry happy!


7. Go Fishing with Grandpa.

Things are feeling crazy these days and I need to check more things off my “Fun To-Do List” very soon.


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