Sunday: Entertainment Idea—Birthdays

As you know, I have been busy planning and throwing a Fairy Birthday for my 3 year old! You can check out my previous posts on Fairy Attire, Fairy Invitations and Fairy Refreshments.

Fairy Games

I went with something super simple, Fairy Says (Simon Says) and Fairy Dancing! For Fairy Says the girl in charge got to hold the magic wand and tell all the other fairies what to do. For Fairing Dancing, I just played Abby’s favorite songs and paused the music for them to freeze! Perfect games for 15 three year olds :)

I also loved paying a small fee to have it at a “Party Room” at our local recreation center and the kids sure loved swimming after the party if their parents chose to do so. It took a lot of stress off of me to not have a large group of people in my actual home and almost forced me to keep the party simple.

Although, I don’t plan on doing a “friend” party every year, small parties at home are just as fun too. My mother always made us feel special by decorating the house late at night so when we woke up on our birthdays it was magical!
In my home the girls have a tradition of going to a fun place together as a family. For my oldest daughter, it is the zoo and for my youngest daughter, it is the pumpkin patch/fall festival.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl, I sure love you!

What do you do in your home to make birthdays special?

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