Sunday: Entertainment ~Grandparents Week~

April 5th, 2009 in Sunday: Entertainment Review

I am thrilled to announce this week as ~Grandparents Week~ all week long a different Grandparent will be entertaining us with their wonderful ideas. Some of them I am related to and some are not, we will have Grandmas and Grandpas!

Moments I Cherish with My Grandparents

~After I got married we moved clear across the country and my husband travelled a few weeks out of every month. I would call her every weekend he was gone and hearing her voice always made me feel less lonely. We would talk about Grandpa, recipes, gardening and sometimes cry to eachother.

~My Grandpa’s tool shed, where he would let us watch him make things out of wood and eat as many cookies as we wanted out of his special jar.

~Seeing Grandma & Grandpa’s smiling faces at all of my special occasions.

~Homemade quites made by Grandma to cuddle up in.

~Family History Books made with love.

~Bedtime stories and long talks with Grandpas.

~Grandma talking to my sisters and I on the phone when my Mom felt at her wits-end. Even with her being thousands of miles away she always knew what to say and how to help her daughter from far away.

 ~Mail from Grandparents, there is something so special and warm about a letter from Grandma arriving in your mailbox.

What moments do you cherish about your Grandparents?

Please check back every day this week and comment on their posts they put some much love and time into.

 Welcome to Grandparents Week!


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