Sunday: Entertainment Idea—An Adult Dinner with Imagination

March 1st, 2009 in Sunday: Entertainment Review

I am excited to announce the first of our two guest writers for March, Elizabeth is one of my favorite “Twitter Friends” and how I wish we lived closer, we would just have a ball together!

Elizabeth Norton is a Mother, Writer and Dreamer.  She created Party Planning Professor and loves sharing her party know how and experience with others.  Elizabeth likes to be a work at home Mom.  Elizabeth is married to a wonderful man that supports her crazy dreams when they are just new ideas that have been dreamed up.

It is hard to imagine my life without the words “once upon a time” in them.  Imagination was so important to me as a child and I still use my ability to make anything happen with my imagination as an adult.  My imagination has gotten me far in my career.  It helps me to dream up party activities and inspire others to help create a good time and imagination helps me capture my younger party guest’s attention.  While my financial and career success are great, my imagination can take me one step further.  That one step is made in the direction to being a better mom.

 When I am worried about life and stressful adult like things I can’t think like a child.  When I put myself at my child’s level, the bills are merely a stack of paper and I am kid again.  Although I believe a parental role is important, we as adults need to find the balance between being a leader and being a playmate.  Do you agree?

 Let me inspire you to do these goofy things and make your children laugh.  Imagine you are a kid again.  Imagine that you are more than just a mother or father while you are hanging out with the kiddos today.  Imagine that you are a kid yourself.  I promise, it will make them smile and that is a great moment for any child. Using your imagination, my friends, is one more step to becoming a better parent. I challenge you to forget you are an adult, imagine you are a child, and serve imagination on the menu tonight for dinner. 

  •  Have a playful picnic party.  Spread a blanket on the floor and chow down.
  •  Sing “The ants go marching one by one.”(you aren’t eating at the table tonight so you have no excuses)…even if your kids are older this song will get stuck in their head.
  •  Hang a spoon from your nose at dinner.  If you don’t know this trick, use steam from your breath and it will stick with the right balance.  
  •  Speak gibberish to your partner and act like you totally understand each other. Imagine how funny that would be to the kids.
  •  Call everything the wrong name and insist that you are right.
  •  Serve kisses for dessert but hide them all over the room.  Make them hunt for them. Give a real kiss as their final find.

 Imagination, I believe, should be taught in college class. High school can take imagination away but not for long. Dreaming is important in any one’s life.  I am a firm believer that an imagination should be savored daily.  It should be a component of any healthy adult diet.

Thank you so much Elizabeth, I am making it a goal to have one Imagination Dinner a week, I know my kiddos will love it. Be sure to check out her fantastic site Party Planning Professor, where she is helping me plan Abby’s fairy birthday party!

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