Sunday: Entertaining Idea—Involving Your Children in Preparing for Thanksgiving

November 23rd, 2008 in Sunday: Entertainment Review

I am starting to get worried that I don’t have my menu plan down or the fact that I have not done my grocery shopping not to mention that I have no idea when they are shipping in my turkey for Thanksgiving.

I need to get this done tomorrow but want to include my children in the process.

These are a few of my ideas for involving your children in preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner:

-Have your kids look through magazine and cookbooks with you to plan the menu.

-Try to incorporate their ideas and favorite foods into side dishes or desserts.

-While they help you think of ideas, encourage them to think of things that would like to help you prepare.

-Let them help you make shopping lists, divvy up the list at the grocery store, let them have their own carts and have at it!

-Depending on their age let them prepare a dish all by themselves or help you with one.


-Involve them in the table setting; let them make up the name cards, decorations, music, etc. Let them take pride in and show off what they have created to the guests.

 Your Thanksgiving meal does not need to be perfect and most likely won’t be when letting little ones help you. But it is sure to be a more meaningful holiday for you and your family if you involve your children.

What ideas do you have to include your children in preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner?

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