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September 14th, 2008 in Sunday: Entertainment Review

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One of my fondest memories growing up was something special my Grandparents who lived on the other side of the country would take the time to do with me.

My Grandmother and I would take turns writing a story together. We would send the book back and forth for months finishing a new page of the story. She would draw beautiful pictures of rainbows, unicorns and princesses. It helped me develop a love of writing and storytelling.

My Grandfather would record himself reading stories to us and send the tape along with the new books in the mail. My girls listen to them now, their favorite being Annie and the Mud Monster!

I am forever grateful that they took the time to show me how writing, storytelling and reading can be fun.

(Picture of Abby writing her comic strip)


Now with my two girls we love to tell each other stories. We write stories to cousins, make up our own stories with picture books and finish each other’s stories all of the time.

Do you have any good tips or fun stories to tell to do with storytelling? With your children now or while growing up? We would love to hear!

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