Summer Wrap Up 2 of 2

September 3rd, 2012 in About Me

Summer is over–school starts tomorrow for us. Tonight/last night (not sure when I set this post to publish) we had a beautiful back to school kick off dinner and I pray that I can make this first week of homeschooling that happens to be the last week of my pregnancy–a calm, loving, fun, and productive experience. I think I will be saying mini prayers all day long.

My parents had their annual “End of Summer” dinner a bit early–because my sister, brother in law, and my nephew moved to CA. We *tried* to take some fun grandkid/grandparent pictures. These are the only two that turned out, but I love them!

I spent a lot of time with a huge cup of ice sitting in a camping chair in my front yard. Pretty white trash looking–matches how wonderful we keep up the landscaping as well! Our poor neighbors, we gotta step up our landscaping skills.

We did a few cooking, arts, crafts, science projects, not as many as I normally do. But a few! This one was fun, it was glitter playdough that smelled good because you made it with flavored drink powder. I have no idea why Abby is making that face, it wasn’t gross to make!

The girls had a wish list of what they wanted to do during the summer, the only thing we didn’t get to was “the circus” and most of the time I didn’t have my camera to document everything–or really anything. But here is a shot of a day we went to the “Herriman Beach” with some friends.

A highlight of our summers are the science camps at the Utah Museum of Natural History. This was Cameron’s first year of going! Abby did one week by herself (she picked the weather station one) and the other week Cameron & Abby went together (I let Cameron pick–she chose dinosaur). Shae and I stayed downtown and found things to do—Shae got a lot of one on one time with her mama.

I taught Shae TO WATCH A SHOW. SO I CAN SURVIVE WHEN THE BABY COMES. Whatever, don’t judge me, now this girl will watch 30 minutes of Yo Gabba Gabba so I can survive.

The girls begged me all summer long to do a lemonade stand, so I found our old sign, let them buy some bulk candy, and have a go of it. This is what I do. I have the girls make fake money, I put it in a bag with a note saying when the lemonade stand is later on that day, and we drop it off on our neighbor friend’s doors. I have no idea if it annoys the crap out of my neighbors or not. We probably dropped it off on 11 doors, and 3 people came. Bless them. It just makes my job easier, we do it this way every year.

It was also really fun this summer to watch Shae become a REAL SISTER to her sister. I mean one that jumps in and plays too, talks too, fights too…she loves her sisters so much.

Lastly, once again, like we do at the end of every summer…we went to the Sheepdog Herding Festival. Abby & Cameron were chosen to be the helpers in the wild animal show, they were so serious up there! Shae loved watching them, she loves those two gals. And look at the colors on the mountains—they are changing!


Wala! Our Summer is done and officially documented. Now baby can come….right?

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