Summer Wrap Up 1 of 2

August 21st, 2012 in About Me

This summer has been a balance of resting-getting ready to move to Costa Rica-resting-feeling guilty the kids aren’t having the most fun summer-letting that guilt talk me into doing too much-resting-getting ready to move. Ok it hasn’t been a balance, it has been a mess. But we need to document the highlights; taking the girls on a mini staycation alone to Thanksgiving Point & some other random fun.

Tyler told me he had a weekend where different clients, meetings, tons of dogs, I don’t even know what was going to be going on. So I decided that we would just leave and go stay at the hotel by Thanksgiving Point. Plus I think its the last time we will go there for—years and years. I *think* the girls had fun; we did everything Thanksgiving Point had to offer, saw Grandpa and Grandma who live a couple of minutes away, swam in a freezing hotel pool, didn’t sleep at night because Shae was on one, and had a worn out Mama. Eh so I don’t know if it was a real summer highlight but here are all the Thanksgiving Point photos that you have probably seen one million times just with different kids in them:

For Pioneer Day I think we met my Mom to throw stuff down the Jordan River and play Miss Mary Mack. And then that night Tyler put on a fireworks show where the older girls screamed they were bored and Shae was shaking out of extreme fright. Also I might not have dressed them or done their hair that day:


Lastly just some little moments from cute summer days:

I think the only reason I took this picture was because she is my third girl to wear this outfit and looks fantabulous in it.

Also she went through this stage for a few weeks of finding everything comfy to lie on. Then she would just lie like that for awhile! Tyler loved it.

Spending some time at the Farmers Markets with Daddy.

Trying to figure this one out–she is growing up and has entered quite the…sassy phase!
Summer rain storms. Cameron runs outside to run around in it and scream, “MY HEART IS SO HAPPY!!” Then Abby joins us for an after rainstorm walk to jump in puddles and find worms.
Gotta finish up the last week of summer and then the last summer wrap up post. If I don’t do it know it won’t ever get done—baby #4 is coming so soon!!


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